Why A2 Milk?

What is A2?

A1 and A2 are type of Milk Proteins found in different breeds of Cows

A2 is the type of Milk Protein found in the Original Indian Breed of Cows like Gir, Kankrej, Sahiwal, etc. A2 Milk and it’s Products are scientifically proven to be much more beneficial for our Health and Immunity

A1 is the type of Milk Protein found in Foreign Cow Breeds like Holstein Friesian, Jersey. A1 Milk has an Opioid Substance BCM-7, which has been linked to lot of life threatening diseases, all of which have been detailed in the Book “Devil in the Milk” by Australian Scientist Keith Woodford

A1 vs A2 milk cow comparison

Why A2 Milk of Indian Cows?

  • A Wholesome Diet

  • Rich source of Protein; full of essential Minerals & Vitamins

  • Builds Immunity, Aids Digestion, Makes Strong Bones

  • Contains Omega 3 fatty acids which contributes to the mental growth

  • Safe for Lactose Intolerant people

  • Helps fight Cancer, Obesity, Heart Problems and more...

However, it is important to consume Pure A2 Milk from Indian Cows only as per Ayurveda

* Beware of Marketing Gimmicks

Did You Know?

  • Majority of the Milk is Mixed from Cows, Buffalo, Sheep's, Goats, Camels, etc.
  • More than 90% Milk is collected from Marginal Farmers
  • They do not understand the importance of Hygiene
  • No care for Animal Health and Well-Being
  • Stress Hormones due to lack of free movement
  • More than 68% of Milk supplied across India (both packed and loose) has failed to meet prescribed standards as per FSSAI Audits
  • Usage of avoidable Antibiotics
  • Adulteration - Fat enhancing materials, chemicals like oxytocin, detergents, etc.
  • Most packaged milk has Hydrogen Peroxide added as a Preservative