Ethical and Nutrient-Rich: GauNeeti Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee in Mumbai

Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee

In every household, there's a place for GauNeeti. Our GauNeeti A2 Bilona Gir Ghee is a testament to cruelty-free practices, crafted on ahimsa (non-violence) farms using A2 Cow milk, specifically from Gir Cows.

At GauNeeti, we uphold tradition by meticulously churning our ghee through the ancient 'bilona' method, ensuring perfection in every jar. Beyond its rich flavor, Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is renowned for its numerous health benefits and its positive impact on spiritual well-being.

Remarkably, our Gir Cow Bilona Ghee is suitable for those with casein and lactose intolerances, making it a versatile and wholesome addition to any kitchen and diet. Discover the goodness of GauNeeti Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee, a truly ethical and nutritious choice for your family.


What Makes GauNeeti The Best Gir Cow Bilona Ghee In Mumbai India?

At GauNeeti, our commitment to ethical farming practices ensures the utmost happiness of our cherished cows. We honor the timeless wisdom of Vedic traditions by preparing our Ghee using the revered 'Bilona' or 'Valona' method. This age-old process gently churns pure makkhan (butter) into a radiant liquid gold, resulting in the healthiest Ghee that retains its pristine constituents.

Our Ghee's inviting nutty aroma and delightful granular texture evoke fond memories of enjoying this wholesome goodness in your grandmother's kitchen.

Prepared by Ayurvedic Method

Crafted with precision, 1 liter of GauNeeti Ghee embodies the essence of appx 33 liters of pure A2 milk

Be healthy with 100% Pure Gir Cow Bilona Ghee

Desi Cow A2 Ghee online Note: we currently deliver Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee Pan India

Quality Assurance

At GauNeeti, quality assurance is our top priority. Our A2 Bilona Ghee undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous preparation to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity and excellence. We source our A2 milk from indigenous Gir cows, renowned for their superior milk quality. The ghee is lovingly churned using the traditional 'Bilona' method, preserving its natural goodness. Every jar of GauNeeti A2 Bilona Ghee is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest quality product to our valued customers.