Cows & Farm

What is the breed of your Cows?
All our Cows are of Genuine Gir Breed which is an Original Indian Breed. These Cows are also called Indigenous A2 Cows.
Are all your Cows Healthy and Disease-Free?
All our Cows pass through a variety of quality checks and blood-tests. Only healthy, disease-free cows are allowed to enter our Farm. Also the whole herd is regularly tested to ensure good health.
What do the Cows’ eat?

The Cows eat organically grown fodder and other concentrate feed as per a scientifically designed feed chart, to suit their stage and season.

In addition, they lick natural rock salt blocks to satisfy their salt requirements. They are also fed leaves of neem trees to keep their immunity levels high.

And the water they drink is in tanks coated with natural limestone which keeps the water bacteria-free and provides them a natural calcium source.

What is the type of Milk?
We provide 100% Pure, Fresh and Raw A2 Milk from Gir Cows.
Is your Milk Costly?

No, it isn’t when compared to the health benefits it offers!

The Gir Cows produce about one-third quantity of Milk compared to foreign Breeds like HF. Additionally, we leave no stone unturned to provide all the nutrition required to the Cows and maintain a very Hygienic, Stress-Free Environment for the Cows. We also do ethical milking and provide the Calves their due share of Milk and only take the rest.

All this adds up to the cost. But the Milk we provide is one-of-the-best qualities of Milk that really has a long-term impact on the overall health of your loved ones. It is rather an Investment in Health instead of Medicines in the long run.

What is the type of Ghee?
Our Ghee is made by the traditional Ayurvedic method; Whole Milk from A2 Gir Cows >> Curd >> Makhan >> Bilona Ghee.
Why is your Ghee Costly?

The Ghee we make is using a centuries old proven Ayurvedic Method. It requires appx 33 litres of Milk to prepare just 1 litre of Ghee.

This Bilona Ghee is one-of-the-best qualities of Ghee available and has numerous health benefits which improves the health of your loved ones.

So again, ultimately the Ghee is not costly when compared to the purity and health benefits it offers.

What is the Milking Process?
All our Milking is done manually. We ensure that the milking area is clean and hygienic, and we ensure to wash the Cow’s Teats with disinfectants and water before Milking. The Milk is then strained at least 3 times before it is filled in Glass Bottles.
Do you give Hormones to the Cows?
Strictly never ever!
When did you start the Operations?
We started Amrut Dairy Farm in late 2017 and started off with 4 Cows. As of now we are 100+ Cows, all Gir Cows.
Where is your Farm located?
Our Farm is located between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, in Ambapur Village. Map Location:
What is the Customer Helpdesk Number?
+91 940 960 1399 | Also available on WhatsApp. You can also drop us an email on

Milk & Subscriptions

Can I Order a Trial?
You may WhatsApp or Call us on +91 940 960 1399 and provide us your Name and Address - so we would arrange a Free Sample for you.
How to Start a Subscription?

You may WhatsApp or Call us on +91 940 960 1399 and provide us your Name and Address.

We will create your Account on our Milk Management App and fix a Default Quantity for you. Accordingly, you can Top-Up your Wallet and then you would start getting regular deliveries.

You can then anytime change the required quantities directly from our Milk Management App.

The Milk is delivered in which Areas?

We deliver Milk in and around these areas:

  • Motera / Chandkheda / Sabarmati
  • Nehrunagar / Ambawadi
  • Gurukul / Vastrapur
  • Satellite / Prahlad Nagar
  • Karnavati Club / Rajpath Club
  • Bopal / Ambli
  • Sindhu Bhavan / Shilaj
  • Thaltej / Science City / Gota
  • Adalaj / Tri-Mandir

However, request you to send us your address and location on +91 940 960 1399 to check if we will be able to deliver to your doorstep.

How can I change the Quantity of Milk to be delivered?

You can change the required from our Milk Management App which is available for Registered Subscription Customers only.

  • For Morning Supply, please update the Quantity by 10 PM
  • For Evening Supply, please update the Quantity by 1 PM

    Please WhatsApp us on +91 940 960 1399 to get the link to our App.

  • What is Milk Packed in?

    The Milk is Packed in Eco-Friendly Returnable Glass Bottles.

    Delivery in Glass Bottles ensures that quality of milk is not compromised and it also saves tonnes of plastic waste.

    Our Customers are kind to rinse the bottle after use.

    On the farm, we properly wash the bottles with hot water and mild detergent to sanitize them fully before reusing.

    What is the Minimum Quantity I can Order?

    The minimum that we deliver is 1 Ltr.

    We have 1000 ml and 500 ml bottles, so customers can also opt for quantities like 1.5, 2.5, etc depending on their daily requirements.

    Is the Milk Pasteurized?

    No, our Milk is Raw and Unprocessed

    Pasteurization is only required when the source of Milk is not fixed, and the hygiene and health of the Cows is in question. Also, after Pasteurization the nutritional value of the Milk comes down significantly.

    Since all our Milk comes from our Farm, and the Cows are fed healthy feed and are kept and milked hygienically, Pasteurization is not required. Thus, we deliver Raw Milk in 2-3 hours of Milking, ensuring you get all the Nutrients in its real form. Boiling the milk at home before use is sufficient.

    Shall I boil the milk?
    Since the Milk is in Raw form, we recommend boiling it before use.
    What is the FAT Content of the Milk?

    The FAT content of our Gir Cow A2 Milk varies with season, and that is how the Nature has intended it to be, as per our body’s requirements.

    In Summers, it could be in the range of 4% and in Winters, it could be in the range of 5%.

    Should the Milk be Yellow?

    Yes, the milk is supposed to be yellow but how much yellow is very subjective - it depends on a whole lot of factors - like season, feed fodder the cow consumes, the phase of the cow (freshly delivered calf, pregnant milking, non-pregnant milking etc).

    Secondly, when you keep the same vessel in the fridge and allow the cream layer to form on it, it will be much more yellowish compared to normal milk.

    Thirdly when you will make the ghee of the same milk, it will be 100% golden yellow.

    Other Products Order

    What are your Other Milk Products?
    • Gir Cow A2 Bilona Ghee
    • Gir Cow A2 Paneer
    • Gir Cow A2 Makhan

    Please visit OUR PRODUCTS

    What are your Other Non-Milk Products?
    • Whole Wheat Cookies
    • Range of Organic Groceries
    • Seasonal Oils, Fruits and Spices
    • Ayurvedic Superfoods

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    What are your Products for Organic Kitchen Gardening?
    • Vermicompost
    • Vermiwash
    • Jeevamrut
    • Organic Pest Repellent

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    Where can your Products be delivered?

    Our Milk can be delivered to select areas of West and Central Ahmedabad - as listed above in FAQs.

    Most of the Our Other Products can be delivered Pan-India.

    We Ship our Gir Cow Bilona Ghee Pan-India and Overseas.

    How to Order Online?
    You can order via our E-Commerce Web App:

    Please visit GauNeeti

    How to Order Offline?
    You can contact us on WhatsApp (+91 940 960 1399) to book your orders.